Jumat, 18 Mei 2012

Best Premier league quotes by goal.com

"It was as if he was controlled by a 10-

year-old in the crowd on a


- Gary Neville's perculiar assessment

of David Luiz's performance

"David Silva literally floats around the


- Jamie Redknapp on Manchester

City's Spanish maestro

"We've left ourselves a two-goal

cushion to climb."

- Petr Cech on the uphill task that

faced Chelsea against Napoli

"Looking at it on the replay, I’ve no

complaints. I’ve let the lads down. I

deserved to be sent off."

- John Terry owns up... eventually

"There is no way Chris Samba is

leaving this football club. I've spoken

to the owners and that's the end of

the matter."

- Steve Kean before Samba, well, left

"He's [Mancini] in the middle of an

argument, so then he tells me to keep

on warming up and he treats me like

a dog."

- It's a dog's life for Carlos Tevez

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